google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course   

Dursikshya's Google Cloud Certification training is tailored to suit quality standards. Top industry professionals have selected this course. It prepares you for the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam by providing a solid foundation. With Google Cloud training, you'll be able to design, implement, and manage a reliable, secure, and highly available cloud-based solution for your business. Demonstrations, assignments, MCQs, and a certification project are included in this GCP certification course to help you learn the topics.

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Why should you take google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course course?

google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course
Google Cloud certifications can help you grow your career and show companies how valuable you are.
google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course
According to Strategy analytics, Google Cloud is one of the fastest growing cloud providers in the industry, and it is presently the third largest cloud service provider.
google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course
Learn Google Cloud Platform to create unrivaled security.

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Learning Objective: In this Google Cloud Architect training program, you'll learn about cloud computing and the Google Cloud Platform. Learn about the Google Cloud Platform Services as well.



  •  Cloud Computing: An Overview
  •  Useful Links and Documentation for the Google Cloud Platform
  •   Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview : Computer, networking, storage, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Tools and operations.


Learning Objective: Use the Console or the Command Line Tool to manage the Google Cloud Platform. You will learn how to utilize several Google Cloud tools such as gcloud, gsutil, and others in this Google Cloud training lesson.



  • Using the Console to Manage the Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud SDK Installation 
  • Learn how to use gcloud, gsutil, and other commands. -Tools on the Command Line
  • Google Cloud Platform Projects and Billings
  • Understand GCP Projects 
  • Project User Roles

Learning Objective: You'll learn about GCP networking fundamentals and how to build up your network topology in this Google Cloud training lesson. Learn about VPC basics, how to load balance traffic with a cloud load balancer, and how to set up a VPN gateway.



  • Global Footprint: Regions, Zones, and Edge Locations
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Cloud Load Balancing
  • Virtual Private Network

Learning Objective:  In this Google Cloud training lesson, you'll learn how to manage authentication and access using a variety of GCP management tools.




  • Overview of IAM
  • IAM Service Account
  • Identity Aware Proxy (IAP)
  • Cloud KMS 

Learning Objective: Use the console to deploy a Virtual Instance utilizing various Compute Engine services. Learn how to store snapshots and pictures, as well as how to construct an auto-scaled managed instance group.



  • Virtual Machines and Compute Engine
  • compute options
  • Disk options
  • Optional features in the compute engine

Learning Objective: This Google Cloud platform training program will teach you how to use and install GCP's various Data Storage services, such as Google Cloud Data-store, Cloud Spanner, and others.


  • Data Service Options
  • GCP Storage
  • Cloud SQL, spanner. Data Store, Fire-Store ,Big-table 

Learning Objective: You'll learn how to manage containerized clusters using GCP technologies like Container Registry and Google Kubernetes Engine in this Google Cloud platform training program.



  • Monolithic and Microservice Architecture
  • Containers
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Helm Package Manager

Learning Objective:  This Google Cloud computing course will teach you how to use the Google Cloud Deployment Manager to manage GCP resources and services for your application.


  • Setup Manager 
  • installation Manager 
  • assets in the cloud

Learning Objective:  You will learn about DevOps practices and how to use GCP services like Cloud Source Repository, Logging and Monitoring Service, Jenkins with GKE, and others to manage your DevOps environment in this Google Cloud certification training module..


  • DevOps
  • Source Cloud-based significant amount
  • Jenkins and Google Compute engine
  • Monitoring Services in the Cloud
  • Surveillance Program in the Cloud

Learning Objective: In this Google Cloud certification training class, you'll learn about GCP's Managed Services and how to set up a streaming network using Dataflow templates.


  • Services that are managed
  • Updated with the latest Version
  • Pub/Sub
  • The analysis is still executing.

Learning Objective:  You will learn about the many shortcuts that may be utilized with the various GCP services utilizing cheat sheets in this Google Cloud computing certification training program. Learn about real-world GCP deployments in a variety of Case Studies.

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Course Details

The curriculum of Dursikshya's GCP course is based on the Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect exam. The Cloud Architect course begins by introducing new learners to the fundamental ideas before moving on to a deeper grasp of the Platform. You'll learn how to handle GCP services including computing, database, security, networking, and identity and access management (IAM).

The GCP course from Dursikshya offers everything you'll need to become certified. You will be able to: After completing the Google Cloud architect course, you will be able to:

  • Explaining about GCP's services, including compute, networking, storage, big data, and artificial intelligence, as well as tools and management.
  • Understand the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Using the Google Cloud Platform Console and Command Line, you may manage the platform.
  • Work with gcloud, gsutil, and other Command Line Tools
  • Create static, dynamic, and cloud routes
  • Use GCP firewall rules and demonstrate how to use VPC peering
  • Handle traffic using autoscaling
  • Set IAM Policy at different levels
  • Work with KMS
  • Demonstrate the use of Compute Engine and Virtual Machines
  • Use Data Service Options in GCP
  • Employing GKE, setup a Kubernetes cluster in GCP.
  • Demonstrate App Engine and Recall Cloud Functions
  • Show how to use the Cloud Source Data base.
  • Take use of cloud - based logginh and monitoring services. 
  • Use the Deployment manager
  • Demonstrate how to use managed Services

The following professionals can go for this cloud architect course:

  • Professionals who want to show their reputation and worth as expert Cloud Architects in the industry.
  •  Those who want to pass the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect test.
  • System Administrators
  • Experts in the Cloud
  • Architects of Solutions
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Project Schedule Experts

  • Basic understanding of cloud architecture
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • A working knowledge of virtualization, networking, and databases


After successful completion of the course you'll be provided with a certificate that will be valid to most of the reputed organisations.

Dursikshya's google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course Certificate holder are working on more than 100 companies all over the world.

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Features of google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course

  Course Duration

You will undergo self-paced learning where you will get an in-depth knowledge of various concepts that will be covered in the course.

  Real Life Case Studies

Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project where you are expected to implement the techniques learnt during the course.


Each module will contain practical assignments, which can be completed before going to next module.

  Life Time Access

You will get lifetime access to all the videos,discussion forum and other learning contents inside the Learning Management


We provide you with a certificate for a google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course Developer based on the project reviewed by our expert panel.


We have a community forum for all our customers that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge

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